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Other Notices                               

Notice of Special Meeting 071211
Special Hearing Notice 08/09/11         
Driveway Ordinance                                        Notice of Special Town Meeting 11/22/11 
Fire District Changes                        
Notice of Board of Review 10/27/11 
Notice of Special Town Meeting 11/13/11



















                                                                                                 We have been  actively uploading town documents since June of 2011.  If there is a specific document you do not see, please contact Mary Zins, Town Clerk.

Contact:  Town Clerk

  2011 Documents

Town Board Agenda 12/13/11                
Town Board Agenda 11/08/11
Town Board Agenda 10/11/11                
Town Board Agenda 09/13/11 
Town Board Agenda 08/09/11     
Town Board Agenda 07/12/11                   
Town Board Minutes 06/14/11                   
Town Board Agenda 05/10/11

2011 Plan Commission

Plan Commission Minutes 05/23/11 Plan Commission Minutes 06/27/11