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       Town Officials

                               Chairman - Jeff Lohr                                             608-434-3729



   1st Supervisor  - Brad Anderson


               2nd Supervisor - Ed Larsen                                       608-370-4807                                                  


     Mary Zins, Town Clerk
     Office Located at:
     E9699 Fuchs Road ,

    Sauk City, WI  53583 9683                                Email


                           Lloyd Ballweg, Town Treasure                                     608-544-3971                                    Office located at:                                              S9886 County Road E                                      Sauk City, WI    53583                                      Email

            Plan Commission

The Town of Troy Planning Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month to discuss building permits, easement issues, certified survey maps and a host of other issues relating to land use in the Town of Troy.

Chairman -  Brian Hanson                               Secretary:    Doug Larsen
Commission Member -  Peter Maestri Commission Member -
 Dean Slark
Board Representative-  Jeff Lohr