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       Town Officials


      Chairman - Jeff Lohr                                      608-434-3729 


 1st Supervisor - Brad Anderson                       608-445-6057   


  2nd Supervisor- Greg Sprecher                       608-544-5424    

     Mary Zins, Town Clerk
       608-544-3549                                                 Email
     Office Located at:
     E9699 Fuchs Road ,
    Sauk City, WI  53583 9683   

                            Lloyd Ballweg, Town Treasurer   
   Office located at:
   S9886 County Road E
   Sauk City, WI    53583

Town News   

Town Board Meetings
Regular monthly Town Board meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. at the Troy Town Hall.   If you would like to see minutes from previous meetings, click  more documents.


Plan Commission
The Town of Troy Planning Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month to discuss building permits, easement issues, certified survey maps and a host of other issues relating to land use in the Town of Troy.

Commission Member    Peter Maestri 
Commission Member -  Brian Hanson
Commission Member -  Doug Larsen
Commission Member - Rueben Ederer
Board Representative-  Greg Sprecher

Plan Commission Information
Do you have questions about whether you need a building permit, a driveway permit or other permit in the town of Troy?

Helpful Questions

Question:  What\\\\\\'s the process for a permit?
Answer:  Depending on your project, the permit (s) needed will vary whether you need town, county or state permits. 

______________________               Tax Assessment Issues

    The Town of  Troy has contracted with
Associated Appraisal Consultants as the  Town Assessor.  They completed a complete revaluation of the Town in the Fall of 2011 and update the tax roll annually noting any changes in properties.  Click on the link above for tax assessment questions.                                                                                                            Appraisal Assocociates                                       P.O. Box 440                                                     Greenville WI 54942                                         (920) 749 - 1995


 Taxes / Assessments / General Information

   Are you looking for property values, general assessment information or tax information?  A helpful link is the Sauk County ALRS



                                                               Town Board Dates                   

 Annual Meeting
3rd Tuesday of April or within 10 days thereafter.
Assessments Completed
Assessment Roll is due April 1st.  If the roll is incomplete, the Board of Review may adjourn to a later date.
Town Caucus  
Any time between the 1st and last Tueday   in the month of January.

Unclaimed Funds 
January 10th, odd years.

Tax Collection
January 31st and July 1st.
Open Book Assessment Review
Open book is generally held within 3 weeks
after April 1st.  However, the Town Board
may convene and postpone from time to time until assessment rolls are complete.

Delivery of Assessment Roll
May 1st due.
Board of Review 
Convenes within 30 day period beginning the 2nd  Monday in April.  The Board of Review may adjourn from time to time until such time as the Assessment roll is com-plete.
A taxpayer may file within 20 days of receipt of Board of Review decision a complaint in writing with the Department  of Revenue. A $100 filing fee is required.
Property Taxes 
July 31st.  2nd half installments due.
Shared Revenue 
4th Monday of July.  Clerk receives pre-liminary notice of shared revenue distribution from Dept. of Revenue.
Annual Dog List 
List of animals in community is due Sept. 1st to the County Clerk.
Budget Prepared                                         Begins on October1st.
Fall Election Day
1st Tuesday in November after the 1st Monday in even numbered years.
Budget Hearing                                         3rd Monday November.
Tax Roll Delivered                                              On or before Dec. 8th.Taxes are payments are  due January 31st in full or 1st half installments due.
Financial Report Form 
Due March 31st.

Spring Election                                                   1st Tuesday in April.
Quarterly Road Aids                                          1st day of each quarter.